Feel free and make the big step

Are you celebrating an anniversary or birthday, or maybe you want to propose to your loved one?

We have a specially designed romantic tour for just the 2 of you. Just choose from 3 different locations such as the Calera cliffside, Eros Beachside or Marmari hilltop (sea view).

With the horses and the guide, the 2 of you will ride on your chosen route, with the stunning views and unique landscape features.

At the end of the ride the staff will set up an elegant table for 2 or a romantic picnic. You are served local finger food and the famous local Santorini wine of your choice. For any dietary requirements or any additional food or beverages, you may email us your request.

The staff will discreetly leave you to eat in romantic intimacy just the 2 of you and after your meal will be driven back to your hotel or villa.

Photos are taken using your camera/phone and a professional photographer can be arranged at an extra charge.

Duration 2.5 hour90%
Horse riding skills: Beginner20%
Cost 360€100%
Participants: Private20%
Proposal Idea
For your proposal you may select from 3 different locations such as the Calera cliffside, beachside or hilltop. 
Dining Option
Elegant decorated table or Romantic picnic.
Free photos will be taken (using your phone/camera) to capture your unforgettable experience or upon request, a professional photographer can be hired.
Upon request for a modes we provide transportation to and from your hotel.

Children younger than 10 years old must ride with parental responsibility

Don't forget to wear comfortable pants or leggings and closed-toed shoes

Black Sandy Beach (Eros) 🌊
1,5  hours

15 km


Traditional Greek village with Caldera (Megalochori) 🌋⛪️
1,5  hours

13 km Reservation

Local Wine-Meal Tasting
1  hour


MEAL Reservation

Did you know?

amazing horse's facts

A male horse is called a stallion. A female horse is called a mare.

Safari 🏇
2.5  hours

25 km