Private Tailored Tour 🤝

Megalochori, Eros beach, Caldera Cliff

Unique private experience for two.

Throughout the ride, many stops will be made to take commemorative photos of you and your horse, capturing your memorable experiences in all the best places.

This amazing Private Tailored Horse Riding tour is created for 2 people. The unforgettable riding experience will be in complete privacy with your guide/instructor who will take extra special care of you.

Your guide/instructor will ensure the ride is relaxing as you and the exquisite horse together experience the island’s south historical volcanic paths. There will be many opportunities to capture amazing photos of the breathtaking scenery in this tranquil and isolated part of Santorini.

The ride begins with a small lesson before departing from the stables in Megalochori village. You will begin riding through the paths of the traditional vineyards and continue along the south trails leading to the secluded Eros Beach. You will experience paths that were created by the great volcanic eruption which formed the island and see small gorges and ravines carved into the volcanic rock.

As you marvel the unique Santorini landscape leading to Eros beach, you will also then be fascinated with the impressive rock formation cliffs as a backdrop. Continuing along the beach, you will then head to the top of the hills to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach and the trails.

Duration 2.0 hour60%
Cost 190€90%
Comfort 90%
Riding equipment
We provide helmets and chaps, and we use western leather saddles or English Trail saddles.
2 people and the guide only. The whole tour is tailored for you
Special care
Informative & experienced guide. Photos will be taken (using your phone/camera) to capture your unforgettable experience or upon request, a professional photographer can be hired.
Best Horses
Beautiful Horses selected.

Children younger than 10 years old must ride with parental responsibility

Don't forget to wear comfortable pants or leggings and closed-toed shoes

Traditional Wine Village (Megalochori) ⛪️
1  hour

4 km Reservation

Black Sandy Beach (Eros) 🌊
2  hours

15 km


Caldera Cliƒƒ Sunset 🌋
2  hours

13 km


Did you know?

amazing horse's facts

A male horse is called a stallion. A female horse is called a mare.

Exclusive Romantic ❤️
2.5  hours

15 km


FINGER FOOD Reservation

Safari 🏇
2.5  hours

25 km