Feel free and ride like a professional

This tour is for riders who have ridden frequently before and are confident horse riders, with a suitable physical level for this kind of energetic ride.

Starting at the stables in Megalochori, ride along the paths of the vineyards and continue down to Eros beach. Ride along the beach and then up into the canyons and ravines behind the coastline.

Following the ancient trails to the cliffside top, with panoramic views of the whole caldera basin and the volcano.   Marvel at the best views on the island from the exclusive comfort of your horse.

Duration 2.5 hour90%
Horse riding skills: Advance20%
Cost 150€80%
Participants: Small Group60%
Riding equipment
We provide helmets, and we use western leather saddles.
Cold water is provided at the stables.
Free photos will be taken (using your phone/camera) to capture your unforgettable experience or upon request, a professional photographer can be hired.
Upon request for a modes extra fee we provide transportation to and from your hotel.

Children younger than 10 years old must ride with parental responsibility

Don't forget to wear comfortable pants or leggings and closed-toed shoes

Black Sandy Beach (Eros) 🌊
1,5  hours

15 km


Traditional Greek village with Caldera (Megalochori) 🌋⛪️
1,5  hours

13 km Reservation

Local Wine-Meal Tasting
1  hour


MEAL Reservation

Did you know?

amazing horse's facts

The fastest recorded sprinting speed of a horse was 88 kph (55 mph).

Exclusive Romantic ❤️
2.5  hours

15 km


FINGER FOOD Reservation